Morning Poem on Sincerity for Lisa Robertson

I will make a present
will shy from the scaffold
of false presents as in the
presentation of rigged-up
collectives first person
plural presents the present
as a tense fabric or sheet
draped over the presence of
the body where the body is
never just “the body” but
the presence of a very
particular historical body
the past iterations of which
are present too and somehow
amidst confused and cluttered
grasping for a something
that knows it is present
picking up a stone to throw
at the raccoon right now
threatening the house cat in
the back garden the presence
of this whatever it is becoming
will one day be present at the
unambiguous pronouncement of
a “we” that is actually present
in the presentation of its
sincerity which will be a
real present for all there who
remain giving in their
shared state of receiving
which is to say relational
which is to say we proclaimed
this at that very moment then
and walked away amidst
uncertain light together
towards what we still had to call
“the open”


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